Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the images you use on your fashion/clothing made from photos you shot?

Not all, almost all. I also use some "found" images I have come across in my life and times, including some old maps and mistakes that came out of the copy machine!

What is your return policy?

If you would like to return an item for any reason full refund please send it to me  within 30 days of receiving your item via the US mail and I will send you a full refund and include the price of mailing the item to me.  I can reimburse you via paypal, venmo or zelle.

Mailing address: 1775 Arroyo De Oro San Jose, CA 95116 USA


What is your privacy policy?

I promise never to share your e-mail, phone number or any of your personal information with anyone.

What is your shipping policy?

FREE  SHIPPING on these items is clearly marked.

Options for shipping with other items can be chosen at time of purchase.

Cheongsam/Qipa style dresses in stock will be shipped within 2 days of ordering for delivery within 7 days after your order is place.

All of our other clothing items are made by a variety of suppliers each with slightly different delivery times.

Items made by may take up to 30 days for delivery.  An e-mail with the expected date of delivery will be sent to you within 5 days after you place your order.

Items made by and are usually delivered within 10 days after placing an order.

We have no digital products available - no shipping policy for Digital products

I would like to have an apparel item custom made with one of your images. How can I do this?

Let me know! I can ask one of the tailors I work with in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Hong Kong to make an item for you. Or I can find a tailor near where you live to make an item for you.

Anything else? Please contact me! THANK YOU.